We are so lucky to have Lyons Physical Therapy in our town. I am convinced that surgery is only half of the treatment, physical therapy is equally as important. Working with Bronwyn has gotten the movement to within 10 degrees of flexibility of the other knee.

– Donna

Due to my low back pain, my doctor advised me to give up running. After going to Lyons PT for 5 visits, I am running pain free.

– Diane

I have had several sports related injuries over the past year. After the thorough treatments and excellent care I received at Lyons PT, I haven’t had any recurring problems. Thank you Lyons PT.

– Kristin

I’ve had so many injuries over the years, I’m not sure what I would do without Lyons PT being there, to put me back together.

– Tom

Lyons PT is a team of highly trained and competent professionals in addition to being enjoyable to interact with. They took great care of me and my injuries.

– Larry K.

Lyons Physical Therapy is a small place with individuals that really care for their patients they work with. With my back problem, I have been to many therapists. At Lyons they went one step more. They decided to work on my hips as well as my back. I have not felt so good in such a long time. This group of people are credit to their profession as well as their community.

– Al S.